Louis Vuitton’s Largest Scandal Yet

We see them on our televisions screens and on the cover of magazines rocking the latest trends with their lean physique. Yet, we don’t often stop and think about the harsh expectations and obstacles they must endure to maintain their supermodel status.

Global news shares a story about Danish model, Ashley Brokaw, who goes in depth regarding the matter. As an expectant Louis Vuitton model, Brokaw was preparing for an upcoming show how all models do including frequent exercise and restricted diets. That was until she was cancelled from the show, for being “too big.” She spoke up about the matter on her Facebook page and was thorough in explaining the conditions she endured. An event that was initially meant to be exciting and fulfilling soon became one of the most embarrassing experiences of Brokaw’s career. After a fitting before the show, Brokaw was informed that she had a “bloated face” and a “very bloated stomach” and was ordered to starve herself and solely drink water the remaining 24 hours before the show. Before her refitting took place, it was cancelled entirely as Louis Vuitton informed her that she was “cancelled” from the show and would be sent home.

Brokaw explains that the message behind her post is not simply about being cancelled from shows but is about the pressure inflicted upon models to live up to impossible standards, causing their health to decline and their risk of developing an eating disorder to increase. She goes on to express her concern over girls she has come into contact and questions how they are even able to function, given their unhealthy body weight.

Overall, the message sent out by Brokaw is one of genuine concern regarding the unhealthy lifestyles that many girls, inside and outside of the industry, are living. Such messages, given by models themselves, have the capability of truly making a difference in not only the lives of models, but also those of girls of any age, suffering from low self-confidence.

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