Fashion Won’t Wait

Last week, we were asked about our degree of comfort with respect to working remotely. This got us thinking: in the still very traditional legal industry, how will our field keep up while everyone else is finding innovative, efficient ways to work?

The truth is that the traditional office environment may not be the best way to work anymore, given the myriad of new technological tools that we have at our disposal. While the legal industry has been around for a while, that does not mean that we have to do things the way they have always been done. Working in unprecedented, new ways may be the answer.

The same is true with fashion. We have recently seen the impact of technology in not only the operation of fashion, but in the design as well. In fact, Iris van Herpen is a leader in this regard. It is at this juncture where we are torn. You already know that we have a soft spot for entrepreneurs. However, it is our strong belief that those venturing out on their own must be able to keep up with the times, or they will, sadly, get left behind. That is the harsh reality of fashion: it is fast and it is sharp. It won’t wait.

In two fields in which precedent is crucial, is it perhaps time to abandon tradition?


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