The App That Will Change The Way You Online Shop

The surge in popularity of online shopping has a lot to do with the convenience behind it: shopping from the comfort of your home and having your items delivered straight to your door. It all seems ideal, until you get your package and realize the shirt is too big, the shoes too small, and the sunglasses entirely the wrong hue of brown.

Alas, when it comes to makeup, products are certainly not a one size fits all. Depending on someone’s complexion and undertone, colors tend to look a little bit different on everybody. While online makeup shopping is convenient, it eliminates the ability to test out products on our particular skin tone. As a result, many makeup lovers may feel reluctant to purchase products online, where they can’t swatch colors.

Until now, that is.

Just yesterday, Sephora released something that revolutionizes the way you online shop for makeup: Swatch Me. The feature – which you can locate in the original Sephora To Go app – allows you to test shades on your forearm, as if you’re actually in store. All you have to do is click the “Virtual Artist” tab, then start swatching. See a color you like? You can instantly add it to your cart. As of now, the feature only applies to eyeshadow palettes, but we’re hopeful it will eventually extend to foundations (because color matching is truly a lifelong struggle).

What’s more is that with the selfie option, you can also virtually apply eye, lip, and cheek makeup, to see how the products actually look on your face. Unlike other apps of this nature which make the virtual application look harsh and unrealistic, Swatch Me gives off a natural, “I could totally apply this myself” appearance.

With such a major step towards making online shopping more innovative, you have to wonder: what’s the future of online shopping and how much easier could it possibly be made? Of course, the intellectual property law issues of this innovation are always a curious issue, too.

Information Gathered From: Allure

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