Musical Spotlight: BØRNS

We’ve written about Garrett Borns before (check our initial post out here). Upon waiting for his new music, we decided to learn a bit more about this talented musician and happened to stumble upon this interview with Westword News.

If you’re not a BØRNS fan yet, you sure will be after reading this interview! Here’s a snippet of a few of our favourite parts.

You grew up in Michigan, and I read something about you attending conventions in Colon, which has been called the magic capital of the world. Were you into magic as a kid?

Yeah, I was into magic.

What kind?

Close-up magic, cards, sleight-of-hand type of stuff. Also mentalism, and I was pretty into escapism, too. I studied up on Houdini’s big illusions.

Could you slip out of a pair of handcuffs if absolutely necessary?

Well, that’s not a bad thing to know.

What was the first instrument you learned to play?

I had a drum, a toy drum, and kind of a broken, out-of-tune guitar that I kind of mime-played as a kid, pretending I was Elvis Presley or something. Piano came a little bit later. My folks bought a baby grand piano and that’s where I did the majority of figuring out the songs I heard on the stereo. I feel like piano is my main instrument. I’m most comfortable on the piano.

During that period, did you start writing songs of your own?

Not really. It was more like learning Elton John songs or Billy Joel songs. I was trying to mimic them. And then I would occasionally improvise funny songs off the top of my head for my folks when they had parties. I liked the idea of being a sort of piano man — the entertainer of the evening. So I wasn’t writing too many songs then. I was more interesting in learning other songs.


So what was your first experience with an audience — beyond singing at your parents’ parties?

I feel like it must have been singing karaoke at a school dance. I think I was in sixth grade, and I was singing some Billy Joel song at the top of my register. That was my song, and I sang it five times that night. I sang it Michael Jackson-style, upped the octave, and I thought, “Wow, that sounds good.” It was my first experience performing out for people and seeing them respond to it. That’s when I thought, “Maybe I can sing.” So I rocked the karaoke life for a while.

We’re with you on the karaoke!

Check out the whole interview here. But be forewarned, you’ll only end up longing for his new music even more.

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