Brands We’re Saying Bye To

The year is far from over, and unfortunately The Fashion Law has already come up with a list of major fashion players have already filed for bankruptcy (although, we can’t say we are surprised).

Here’s a quick recap of the companies who you’ll be seeing a lot less of (and probably a lot more sales) within the upcoming year…

July 2017 – Alfred Angelo. A major bridal dress chain that closes abruptly means A LOT of angry brides… #bridezillawatch2017

July 2017 – True Religion. We mean, no wonder they were offering 2 for 1 jeans? We’re truly sad to see this one go – True Religion was a solid 2005 jean choice!

April 2017 – Payless, Inc. We guess paying less wasn’t the way to go.

March 2017 – BCBG Max Azria. Although not yet completely shut down, you can expect to see increased sales at BCBG stores.

Who do you think is next?



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