Mayweather v. McGregor: Let’s Get Ready To Style

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor’s historic fight just added another demographic to its already huge audience: the fashion community. With the news of Donatella Versace sending McGregor a customized boxing robe, everyone has been wondering what Mayweather will be wearing. Well, the wait is over. Swiss designer Philipp Plein’s latest gram announced a collaboration with Mayweather that kicks off with Mayweather wearing a Phillip Plein custom boxing robe and trunks.


The collab is not a huge surprise given that Mayweather joined Plein on the runway at his resort fashion show last May. Plein has described Mayweather fondly and said, “His fashion sense and fearless attitude perfectly match the Philipp Plein mood and lifestyle.”

The deal will last two years and include “four exclusive collections that will bear the Floyd Mayweather brand name across all Philipp Plein lines.” The collections will only be available at the brand’s flagship in Las Vegas and on the label’s website. The details of outfits have not been disclosed yet, but the sketch of the jersey is enough to keep everyone interested.

Collabs are always exciting news, but can end horribly if not negotiated properly. Deciding who owns the design and underlying copyrights upfront saves a whole lot of future legal battles. The brand could intend to own the intellectual property behind the collection as a work-for-hire or intend to license the work from the artist.

In a work-for-hire scenario, someone has commissioned work from an artist, but whoever commissioned the work retains the copyright to the work. On the other hand, when someone licenses work from an artist, the artist retains the copyright to the work.

We do not know the terms of the collab agreement yet, but hope Plein and Mayweather worked out all the legal issues before entering the partnership, because nothing ruins a new friendship like a legal fight.

Information accredited to Hypebeast, WWD, Hollywood Reporter, and LA Times.

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