Because your toes deserve the best…?

Not quite as ridiculous as Tiffany or Prada’s paperclip, but ridiculous nonetheless.

It turns out the after studying the marketplace, one of the most popular purchases across the globe just so happens to be socks. Yeup… SOCKS! Now, you’re probably thinking, “Socks? But of course! We all wear socks!”

Unfortunately, we’re not just talking about any sock. Rather, we’re talking $500 Gucci socks. It turns out that consumers LOVE logo-ed athletic tube socks. Because nothing says style like throwing on some socks that say Gucci at the top, right? (WRONG).

Apparently, Net-a-Porter sold 500 pairs of these $95 socks (pictured below) over a period of five days last year.


On the plus side, they come with big printed letters identifying the foot for those who don’t know left from right! Definitely worth the extra $90 premium!

Like we’ve always said, it’s not about what you wear but how you wear it.

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