Ubiquitous Uniqlo

Uniqlo, a Japanese fast-fashion retailer whose clothes are becoming as common on the streets of Paris as on those of Tokyo, is starting to make a big splash.

While it has brought trendy clothes to consumers at a reasonable price, and provided several job opportunities, it is, nevertheless, a product of fast fashion. In an era in which Zara and H&M remain the giants of fast fashion, do we really need another chain retailer? Uniqlo seems to think so.

We have already written, several times, about the intellectual property, labour, and environmental law issues of Zara and H&M, and we anticipate that we may start having to report on Uniqlo as well.

Let’s be optimistic, however, and hope that Uniqlo’s marketing strategy does not come at a high legal price tag for the company due to similar issues. Because while affordable-chic is great, stepping on the boundaries of the law is not.

More to come.

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