The Controversy Behind the Met Gala Theme

On Tuesday, August 8th, the upcoming theme of the Met Gala was announced: Fashion and Religion.

Every fashion lover fully understands the significance of this event, and at $50,000 per ticket, its exclusivity is well enforced. Vogue and its Editor-in-Chief, Anna Wintour, have become synonymous with the next “It” thing in fashion, but is this theme really the right choice?

Let’s think about this. This idea is very controversial, to say the least. In the past, celebrities, like Lady Gaga, have been criticized for perhaps bordering a little too dangerously on the boundaries of disrespect when it comes to fashion and religion. So why make this a spectacle? It is unlikely that the reason is for publicity, since, as previously mentioned, this event has already gained notable popularity.

We think The Independent put it perfectly when it stated, “In places like Saudi Arabia, wearing a burqa is not a choice but a legal necessity, and hence it’s insulting that it gets co-opted by white celebrities at will”.

As fashionistas, we respect the choices of fashion industry heavy-hitter, Anna Wintour, as well as what Vogue stands for. However, cultural appropriation is where we draw the line.

So, as the gala nears, we urge you to remain critical, and think about the hidden layers that are inevitably a part of next year’s theme.


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