Chris Stapleton Firing Away at our Hearts

As you all know by now, we love supporting causes for a greater good. And we absolutely LOVE when individuals in the creative industries help support these causes too.

We just wrapped up our first ever fashion show (more on this to come in the next few days!). All of the designers were local and had phenomenal philanthropic mandates. For us, falling in love with a designer and their style has so much to do with what they stand for.

The same goes for music. There’s something so special about hearing a song that you can identify with or touches you on so many different levels. You know… the type of song you wish you didn’t hear yet JUST so you can hear it again for the first time.

Throw all that together with a heart-wrenching music video all for a great cause, and basically you’ll have us hooked. Now, big disclaimer here, we are NOT huge country gals… shocker… we know. But Chris Stapleton (obviously) gives us all the feels.

We’ve been listening to this song on repeat for over a year now, and thought we’d share it on the blog just to make sure you’ve heard it too.

OH, and make sure you watch the music video… with a box of tissues…

… okay, we lied, maybe a FEW boxes of tissues.

GREAT. Now that our hearts sting a little less and we can breathe easily again without heavy sobbing, go check out The Campaign to Change Direction. We’ve already pledged to know the 5 signs that may mean someone is in emotional pain, have you?

Now, before we sign off for the day, we just need to watch this video one…more…time… ** cue tears


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