Zero Waste Daniel

Here at UC, we really like to discuss sustainable and ethical fashion, as ‘fast fashion’ is one of the largest trends that negatively impacts the environment.

The brand Zero Waste Daniel was started in 2015 by Daniel Silverstein, after years of designing a high fashion line. One afternoon, after he had decided to close down his studio in the city, he was packing up and noticed a couple large bags of fabric scraps he had collected over the years. He decided to make a shirt for himself by sewing the mismatched pieces together, and posted it on social media. After seeing the high demand for this design after the post, Silverstein knew he was on to something.

Silverstein best explains the idea in a video via NowThis by comparing the way factories cut patterned fabric with people using cookie cutters to make cookies with dough. He explains that when making cookies, that excess dough is then rolled back together and used to make more cookies until there is as little waste as possible at the end, however, when the fashion industry has cut out patterns from fabric, all the excess is thrown out. This fabric accumulates to millions of tons of waste just in the US alone. Silverstein wanted to create a process in which these left over scraps could be reused, so he created a ‘reroll’, which refers to all the little pieces being sewn together to make larger sheets of textile. Over 20 billion pounds of textiles are thrown away in the US each year and each piece by Daniel uses about 1 pound of textile waste.

Not only does ZWD help the environment, but Silverstein recognizes that garment workers around the world face low pay and difficult working conditions, and wants to do his part to change that. Silverstein pays his employees fair wages and creates every item in the store. He believes that today, you can still look cool and get what you want out of fashion, but do it ethically.

Check out the brand at: Zero Waste Daniel.



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