UC’s Young Entrepreneur of the Week: Luka P. Bakaic

This week, we want to introduce to you a very close friend of the blog: Luka Bakaic.

We’ve known Luka for about 5 years now and we have witnessed his amazing transformation. He is perhaps one of the most multi-faceted, versatile people we have ever known.

Want proof?

Well, to begin, he is brilliant. When we first met, he was working on his degree in engineering alongside other geniuses at Ryerson University. He then went on to culinary  school and worked at Toronto hotspot, Buca Yorkville, as an incredible pastry chef. We know this because we tried some of his decadent creations, and trust us, they were dreamy.

Now, he is currently studying fashion and has already been involved with TOM, and our fashion show, too! At 23 years old, he has already dabbled in multiple fields, and done so with his trademark poise and style.

In order to further demonstrate his talent, check out some of his incredible designs:


Luka truly embodies a young entrepreneur: someone who is fearless and becomes successful at anything they are passionate about.

Thank you for being such an inspiration, Luka, and doing so while being unprecedentedly chic.

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