Travel Insight: San Francisco

As the end of August is quickly approaching, we are taking some time to reflect on the wonderful summer we have had so far and the trips we have been able to take!

San Francisco is one of our favourite cities for a getaway! The hills, the beautiful west-coast weather, and the rolling fog add to the unique profile of this city. We have a few of our favourite spots to share with you that will entice you to visit!

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SF MoMA)

The Museum of Modern Art currently has some truly unique exhibits that will take your breath away! On the seventh floor we enjoyed the exhibit called Soundtracks, where all of the art had a sound or musical component. Each piece tapped into so many of our senses! Amalia Pica’s piece below features a stunning array of glassware that is glued to the wall, which plays on a so-called private method of spying on others by listening through the wall.


(Eavesdropping ~ Amalia Pica)

Another one of our favourites is the Pop, Minimal, and Figurative Art exhibit. We loved the work of Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol. An example of their work is featured below!

(Portable Radio ~ Roy Lichtenstein; Nine Marilyns ~ Andy Warhol)

Shopping – Everlane & Reformation

We got to visit two of the brands we have been writing about in regard to sustainability and ethical transparency! Reformation had an ambiance like no other retail experience we have had! Upon arriving to the store, we noticed that Reformation only keeps a sample of their clothing in the showroom, while there are several screens around the store, which allow customers to make their own fitting room digitally. You are called by name when your fitting room is ready. After walking behind the concrete wall that divides the showroom and the fitting rooms, you walk into a space that provides you with your own wardrobe to hold all of your choices. While trying on clothes, we had several lighting settings to play with and the opportunity to plug in our music to have a little fun while trying out new clothes!

 Everlane’s garage door style retail experiment was full of charming staff, who clearly shared our enthusiasm about the brand! We have featured a few pictures below from our visit to the store.

Tourist Attractions

Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the best sights to see! There are so many ways to get there, but we love the idea of biking to the bridge to grab some photos and take in the scenery! You can take a ferry back to the city and spend some time relaxing after riding up a steep hill!

 Note for those who want beautiful photos: We had to go back and catch some photos in the afternoon when a lot of the fog burned off!


Bay Bridge

 While the Golden Gate Bridge is usually a must-see in San Francisco, we urge you to take a walk along the Embarcadero and check out the Bay Bridge! This bridge has two decks and it has a permanent light installation that makes the bridge look absolutely gorgeous in the evenings.


Fisherman’s Wharf

 The Fisherman’s Wharf is the perfect place to spend an afternoon! It is a very busy area with shops, great food, and of course, sea lions! At the end of Pier 39, you can see these beautiful animals that inhabit the dock. If the area is too busy for you, after exploring, you can always walk a few blocks to Mason Street and North Point Street where you will find Pescatore. This is one of our favourite restaurants from the visit!


What to Eat/Drink

 When we were on the go, we loved stopping by Joe’s Juice for freshly squeezed juice! Philz Coffee was another go-to for a coffee or tea with a refreshing topping of mint! Mixt was our favourite salad place for the days  we wanted a light meal. The most authentic Mexican food came from Rosa Mexicano where we enjoyed amazing guacamole that was made right in front of us along with delicious tacos!

If You Have Time to Leave the City…

 Try visiting Muir Woods! The red woods just outside the city has trees that are thousands of years old! It is a peaceful way to spend the afternoon and get away from the bustling city!


Also, just about an hour outside of the city lies Half Moon Bay! This is a beautiful way to relax and have a peaceful day by the water. We visited Sam’s Chowder House where we had the most amazing, creamy chowder!


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