To the Bone: Film Review

The new laws regarding body image in France have caused a stir in the fashion industry. A couple of weeks ago, we told you about Lily Collins’ brave step in calling out the fashion industry for failing to be more proactive with respect to models’ health in this field. In researching Collins’ endeavours, we knew that we simply had to watch To the Bone, her newest movie in which she portrays a young woman dealing with crippling anorexia.

Admittedly, we were worried that the movie would glamorize this disorder and not be entirely truthful. We were very pleasantly surprised to find out that the complete opposite was true.

This movie is highly accurate and, in our opinion, does not attempt to gloss over the harsh realities of what an eating disorder can do to a person and his/her family. Collins is  completely one with her character, Ellen. She not only lost a huge amount of weight for the role, but her mannerisms and her reflexes seem to come from thorough research and preparation for the role.

There is a particular scene in this movie that left us in complete shock. However, since we really, really want you to see it, we’d like to call on you to watch the film and share with us (below) what scene it was that you think we are talking about.

Trust us, this is a film you will not want to miss.

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