The Bachelorette: Finale Re-Cap

The finale of Rachel’s season was intense, to say the least. It was one filled with doubt, tears, and much frustration. At the start of the episode, Rachel had sent Eric home, which, although heartbreaking, was also expected. It was evident that the relationship Rachel shared with the other two men was much stronger than the one shared with Eric. Nonetheless, Eric handled the break-up like a gentleman and was completely understanding of the situation.

After the rose ceremony, when both Bryan and Peter had one-on-one time with Rachel, the tension rose. Rachel became very sceptical of her relationship with Peter in regards to proposing, which he claimed to not have felt ready for. Their entire final date was surrounded around the matter and things escalated as the two were unable to see eye-to-eye. Ultimately, the date resulted in many tears and the two breaking-up as Peter confirmed that he was not ready to propose to Rachel the following day. The goodbye shared between the two was absolutely heartbreaking, which makes us question whether such an impossible goodbye should have even happened in the first place.

As you have probably already seen all over Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, Bryan ultimately won Rachel’s heart. But what if Peter had been willing to propose to Rachel. Would that have perhaps swayed Rachel’s decision? She was absolutely devastated by the way things ended with Peter, which only goes to show how much she cared for and loved him.

If you were Rachel, would you have accepted Peter’s commitment or Bryan’s proposal? Is the ring or a solid foundation most important?

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