Chic Spotlight: Claire Dartigues

Remember when we told you about the EcoChic competition a few weeks ago? Well, we are so happy to introduce another one of the incredible semi-finalists.

Claire Dartigues was born and raised in Paris, and as such, she was exposed to the world of fashion from childhood. Coming from a household of doctors, businesspersons, and intellectuals, Claire was the only one in her family who decided to pursue her dreams in this field.

What inspired her was observing her parents helping others and supporting social projects throughout her childhood. Naturally, Claire plans to implement this approach in her designs. In fact, the primary problem she always aims to solve is the balance between chic and reality.

Her goals is not to create trends, but eliminate that notion as a whole. What is most inspiring to us is that Claire realized in order to break the rules, she has to master them. So, she learnt the essence of the business of fashion, marketing, and luxury management at Paris Dauphine University, and experienced communication and branding at well-known luxury fashion houses: Chloé, Christian Louboutin, Perrin Paris.

Claire currently lives in New York City and was accepted to the Parsons School of Design. She is now embedded in the fashion culture of New York, working for Theory as well as  Asher Levine, designer for public figures including  Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Rita Ora, Will I am, and Taylor Swift.

He currently runs her own brand, Claire DARTIGUES, the core values of which are: creativity, elegance, versatility, and sustainability. She has three incredible lines, all of which will be available for e-commerce:

Nouveau Paris  is a line of multi-functional totes which can be worn as a cape or a skirt according to the user’s preference. This line also includes a backpack which can be carried as a shoulder bag or a clutch. The fabrics chosen for this collection come from Italian or French couture brands as they are mostly the ends of their rolls of fabrics. The bags are made in Manhattan, following a zero waste process in the cutting.

Collection is a line showcasing Claire’s different sources of inspiration via Ready-to-Wear pieces. Again, all of the fabrics used are up-cycling fabrics from French couture brands such as Chanel or Louis Vuitton.

Couture is an affordable bespoke service that Claire offers to women in New York in order to provide them with the unique and exquisite fashion experience of getting the dress or the coat they always dreamed of. 

Claire has been featured in Vogue Italia for her incredible, creative contributions to fashion and we could not be more proud.

This year, she also received a Star Rising Award for her NYC by Night Collection during the sustainable fashion show for Earth Day in the Novotel Hotel Times Square.

All of this has led her to become a semi-finalist of an international sustainable competition, the EcoChic Award, for a new collection about polluted rivers by textile industries all over the world. The idea is to show the opposition between the white-collar (profit-driven) and blue collar (manufacturing) worlds.

We cannot wait to see your fabulous, meaningful collection, Claire! Thanks for being such an inspiration.

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