UC’s Young Entrepreneur of the Week: Erika Gilmandinova

Simplifying Creativity in Style. That’s the inspiration behind Erika’s new brand, which is about to become every business woman’s essential piece. Self configurable pattern based clothing is designed to allow consumers to simplify the process of dressing up with style. It’s a multifunctional piece of clothing that allows to maintain an elegant look to serve a multitude of occasions. It’s all about simplifying creativity in style. You don’t have to overthink it.

“I truly believe that life’s greatest secrets are hidden behind the world’s cliche and what’s common sense is not a common practise. Life is simple, I think people like to complicate theirs.” Erika says. “ I am a world’s citizen and travel all the time, I can’t afford to have a large wardrobe with me when travelling. It is essential for me to have simple yet elegant pieces that I can wear from day to night and from a casual coffee meeting to a fancy private event. My demands don’t end here, it also has to be from a material that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, doesn’t fold and is light to take in my tiny carry-on.” All of this combined served as inspiration for this sophisticated, yet multifunctional collection. You can call it a vest or a dress, depending on the way you wear it.


Erika also holds two business school degrees. So, the manufacturing and shipping model was also well thought through and optimized. It is a process innovation enabling a product innovation. This is the way her company intends to conduct business. Altering the shape of the cloth will create a different model, yet maintain all the same properties. The way in which the fabric can be manipulated can transform the look and allow the design to be adaptable for different seasons and personality types. The key in this versatile design is that it doesn’t require any stitching — only a very educated cut of a fabric.

Erika doesn’t stop there. Her clothes are designed to avoid unnecessary steps. This reduces the margin of error, ensuring the high quality of end products.


The business component and meeting the consumer’s end goals are equally important to Erika. She puts herself in their shoes and wants the absolute best for them.

We cannot wait to witness your continued success, Erika! Well done.


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