The Truth Behind Fast Fashion

While it is extremely unfortunate that fast fashion has become so prominent in the fashion industry, it will remain a reality until something is done about it. Recently, the conversation around this issue is becoming louder and many are beginning to turn their attention to what fast fashion could really mean.

Most notably, the incredibly talented Rahul Jain directed a film entitled Machines, and he, deservingly won the Sundance World Cinema Documentary award for Cinematography.

This film takes its audience inside a large textile mill in Gujarat, India, and uncovers the veil that has been protecting the dark truth behind the fashion industry. With no music or special effects, Jain patiently captures the mundane, repetitive movements of the men, and boys, who work 12 hours a day with very short breaks. Their wage is $3 US per 12 hour shift. At times, the workers are able to rest, ever so briefly, on a pile of fabric, and young boys are shown working while fading in and out of sleep.

At the climax of the film, one man screams, “People just come here, look at our problems and leave. Nobody is ready to take any action. ” He adds, “Tell us what to do…

Jain’s extremely moving film will leave you haunted by what goes on behind the scenes of fast fashion. The lives that these workers live are almost unfathomable. Needless to say, we strongly recommend that you watch Machines and check out an interview with the director on Dazed.

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