Part II: Top 3 Ethical Makeup

Given the importance we actively place on ethical purchasing, we thought we’d follow up on our list of Top 3 Ethical Skincare Brands by providing a list of our favorite ethical makeup brands. When it comes to makeup, there are endless ways to be “ethical”; whether it be through cruelty-free testing, using organic ingredients, sourcing sustainably, or lessening packaging. So, makeup lovers of the world, rejoice and read on about our Top 3 ethical finds:

1) NYX Cosmetics: In 2012, NYX was awarded PETA’s Courage in Commerce Award. The award recognizes brands that reaffirm their ethical commitments by continuously operating against animal testing. Although the brand had always been cruelty free, they were faced with the option of expanding their sales to China. The underlying issue was that the market in China makes it required for makeup and skin-care brands to test their products on animals. NYX made the decision to forego the expansion and to this day they remain an entirely cruelty-free brand. For your sacrifice, we thank you, NYX.

Price range: $

Try their best-seller: Soft Matte Lip Cream, $8.15

2) Kat Von D Cosmetics: early last year, Kat Von D announced that she will be reformulating her entire product collection to be fully free of animal products. While cult favorites like the Studded Kiss Lipsticks were already vegan, others like the Lightning Liners were not, and included ingredients like beeswax and carmine. Until now, that is. Perhaps more notably, any product that was not able to be reformulated without the use of animal products was discarded from her line entirely. Admirably, she noted: “I can live without purple eye shadow”.

Price Range: $$

Try their best-seller: Tattoo Liner, $25.00

3) Josie Maran Cosmetics: this one is a personal favorite because the JMC 100% Pure Argan Oil has been repurchased by me anywhere between 10 to 500 times. For one, the brand is a major supporter of the IMAGINE movement, an organization that seeks to empower women world-wide. JMC donates ten cents for every person who watches a 10 second campaign clip. Plus, they donate 10% of the profits from their Model Citizen line towards the initiative. This is all in addition to being a 100% cruelty-free and organic brand. Not to mention, their slogan is “Luxury with a Conscience” — how inspiring.

Price Range: $$$

Try their best-seller: Argan Enlightening Illuminizer, $39.00

So, hopefully your next trip to the makeup counter has officially been made easier. With their different products, prices, and initiatives, there’s a little something for everyone.

Not Included: Urban Decay Cosmetics, because we have a whole post dedicated to just how much we love them. Check it out here!

Information Gathered From: Refinery29

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