Lily Collins is Our New Idol

We take the issue of body image and health very seriously, and when a young actress bravely calls attention to this matter, we make sure to share that with you!

Recently Lily Collins has been very active in voicing her concerns regarding the unhealthy body image and the unrealistic expectations that have been prominent in fashion. She has stated her opinion both in her book Unfiltered and in her new film To the Bone.

Most recently, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Lily comments on her film regarding eating disorders and the trouble that can stem from that by stating, “I don’t think we are starting the conversation, but we are making it louder, which is very important.”

We have already told you about the new laws that France has put in place to monitor the well-being of models by validating a healthy BMI with a doctor’s note. Lily comments on this by saying “I think the BMI conversation is really important.” She continues and states, “but then you do watch fashion shows and you do see extremely small girls walking down the runway, and a lot of them are really young and haven’t become women yet. It’s like their body shape hasn’t changed. Some girls look like they’re about to pass out. I think there’s still a conversation to be had there about runway sizes.”

Thanks for drawing much-needed attention to this issue, Lily. We will be sure to check out To the Bone and share our thoughts with you, fashion lovers.



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