The Bachelorette – The Men Tell All

With the finale just around the corner comes the most entertaining episode of the season – “The Men Tell All.” This season of the Bachelorette was filled with much drama, including the Blake and Lucas situation, DeMario’s scandal, and Lee’s racist remarks towards some of the men in the house.

The DeMario situation was one of the first topics brought up in the episode, in which DeMario defends himself by claiming that he did not, in fact, have a girlfriend during the filming of the show.

During the Kenny and Lee conversation, the majority of men agree that Kenny was much better liked in the house than Lee. Regardless, however, Kenny and Lee were able to clear the air, Lee apologized, and the two resolved some harsh feelings. While the men question Lee, he admits to being ignorant and racist and says that he “denounces that Lee.” Lee admits that he came on the show to “learn,” and admits that he appreciates the effort from the men in the house to help him be a better person.

While Dean is in the hot seat, he admits that the authenticity and realness of his hometown date will continue to help him build a stronger relationship with his father. We will continue seeing Dean on our television screens, as he will be on this season’s “Bachelor in Paradise,” airing August 14!

During Rachel’s time in the hot seat, she admits that there is no way to prepare for such an experience. Dean then joins Rachel on stage and questions why she admitted to falling in love with him only to send him home days after. Rachel defends herself by stating that, at that time, she was falling in love with Dean and has always meant what she has said, including that confession. When Lee is once again brought up, he apologizes, which is greatly appreciated and accepted by Rachel.

Overall, much tension was alleviated through the conversations held during tonight’s episode, which wrapped up the season and all of its unresolved drama quite nicely. However, the drama does not end just yet. Next week, during the season finale, Rachel must choose between Bryan, Peter, and Eric, in which Rachel will be presented with many challenges.

You definitely do not want to miss it! Tune in next week to find out who Rachel’s Prince Charming and Happily Ever After will be!

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