Affordable Sustainable Fashion

Back Beat Rags is a clothing company that was started by Isadora Alvarez. The company started off specializing in vintage tees and transitioned to producing fashion basics. The style of the brand is largely based on street style in California and the surf and skating culture. Alvarez has mastered the art of making beautiful classics that do not ask consumers to compromise their values based on ethical and sustainable consumption.

The clothing is all made in Los Angeles and is crafted using local fabrics. Alvarez also works with small, family owned businesses to create her garments. She uses materials like organic cotton and tencel to produce environmentally friendly products. Alvarez goes even further to ensure that 100% post consumer recycled mailers and clothing bags are used for shipping!

Our favourite part is that the clothing is affordable! None of the items cost more than $70 USD. Companies like Back Beat Rags help us debunk the myths of sustainable fashion having an expensive price tag.

Take a look at one of the items from the Back Beat Rags Spring/Summer 2017 Collection.

Photo 1

The Ochre Recycled Cotton Summer Robe is an excellent layering piece that you can put over any of your favourite summer outfits! Alvarez takes the time to explain on the website the significance of the fabrics used to create some of her garments. For example, she talks about how many resources are required to grow and use cotton and why it is more eco-friendly to employ recycled cotton in the production of garments, such as the summer robe.

We love the trend of sustainable and ethical choices that new fashion brands are considering! The quirky voice behind the website reveals the willingness of some actors in the fashion industry to stand for more than just aesthetically pleasing garments. Alvarez reminds us that “trash” can look good and that we don’t have to panic when it’s organic!

Information and Images Gathered From: Back Beat RagsConscious Chatter 

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