The Girl Who Does It All! Who is Anna Suntannas?

Anna Suntannas opened up in early 2017 and quickly grew in popularity in the Vaughan, King City, and GTA areas. Her motto is, “No one tans like Anna”, and there is so much truth to this statement! From the moment you meet Anna, you can tell she’s going to be your new best friend! Imagine a best friend that can make you a bronzed goddess AND make your smile as white as the snow?! Anna does it ALL, and she does it naturally. So, she is your summer essential. 

For all of our sun-seeker, beach-lover followers, we have an exciting collaboration that we’d like to share with you. 

Is there a better way to spend an afternoon lounging in the sand, basking in the warm rays? Although we’re leaning towards “no”, we don’t love the side effects of sun exposure. It’s important to wear sun protection and stay hydrated when tanning under the sun, but what if you don’t have the time to lay out? We thought we would try a new, natural way to get a tan.

Anna introduced us to Organic Tan — a Canadian-made, 100% organic spray tan product line of self-tanners that have a unique blend of organic, natural, skin-nourishing ingredients. They are completely chemical-free, cruelty-free and, vegan (we love that)!  This amazing product is meant to mimic the way the sun tans your skin and fades very naturally after 7-10 days. Typically, the way you tan outside will be the way your spray tan will pick up on your skin. This means no fake, orange colour! Just a beautiful, even, golden tan in 15 minutes. 

Like we said, Anna does it all. So, when we also found out about her natural teeth whitening product, we were sold. Anna carries the Canadian-made (sister company to Organic Tan), SunnaSmile! This popular teeth whitening product includes a reusable LED-activated teeth-whitening system. It’s safe on your enamel, protects your gums, causes little to no sensitivity, is a registered natural health product with Health Canada, and it’s cost-efficient. One SunnaSmile whitening gel (included in the kit!) is the equivalent in whitening power to 50 tubes of whitening toothpaste, 25 dental whitening syringes, and 5 packages of whitening strips! The active whitening ingredients include a one-of-a-kind combination of Hydrogen Peroxide, Carbamide Peroxide and Xylitol, as well as naturally compounded ingredients that increase whitening, reduce sensitivity, remineralize teeth, and heal oral tissue!

So, now you can show off your bronzed legs and a bright white smile this summer! Hurry and call Anna at 416-904-3430 and be sure to let her know that Unprecedentedly Chic sent you for a special, chic, 20% discount. 

Don’t forget to visit her Instagram page for daily updates! 

Stay chic.

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