Dying over Dion

Since her first North American hit in 1990 and the release of the heart wrenching Titanic, Celine Dion has been a household for decades. Many across the globe have admired her breathtaking voice, along with her phenomenal fashion sense. However, the last five years have been revolutionary for Celine, as she has become a truly sensational fashion icon. Some of the designers she has been seen representing most frequently include: Armani Privé, Schiaparelli, and Versace. In the last year or so, however, she has been spotted supporting less popular designers such as: Off-White and Balenciaga.

Currently, Celine has been the leading model of the new and experimental label, Vetements. Her astonishing Met Gala appearance and other such appearances have led to the iconic hashtag, #celinetakescouture, which has taken over the world of social media over the past year.

Here, at Unprecedently Chic, we are beyond excited to see where Celine’s iconic fashion sense will take her in 2018 and the years beyond!

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