Louboutin Puts Its Best Foot Forward

While luxury shoe brand, Christian Louboutin, has had its struggles in the courts, the brand has recently been moving away from litigation and more towards diversification.

For its 2017 Spring/Summer collection, Louboutin released seven skin-coloured shades in two styles. This was done to emphasize the fact that nude should no longer refer to a shade of white. Rather, it should represent a spectrum of colours that are a match for different skin tones. As such, pale porcelains and deep browns, and any shade that falls in the middle, should be included in the ‘nude’ category.

This was a much needed step for the fashion industry as women of all skin tones appreciate a chic, inconspicuous pair of shoes at one point or another and they deserve to have their pick of styles. In fact, this move by Louboutin has been described as “ground-breaking“, and we certainly agree.

According to Louboutin, “Nude is not a colour; it’s a concept.”. In reality, nude is “clothing or makeup that is of a colour resembling that of the wearer’s skin.” Nevertheless, in stores and magazines, ‘nude’ still refers to shades of white. By challenging this notion, and embedding in the minds of all those who undoubtedly know about this luxury shoe giant, Louboutin is breaking this stereotype.

While this movement has made an appearance in the fashion industry in the past, it has not been as impactful as it needs to be. For example, women now have a larger variety of nude shades of lingerie, aimed at matching all skin tones. However, this is going to take some time, but this powerful step by Louboutin definitely pushed us in the right direction.

Make no mistake, Louboutin’s shoes are as expensive as they have always been. In fact, the luxurious aspect is a large part of the appeal of the brand. So while we may appreciate these masterfully crafted shoes from a distance, we applaud…loud and proud.

Information and quotes accredited to Redbrick.

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