Social Media to the Rescue

Have you ever thought about social media as a tool for helping IP legal disputes? We haven’t. But a recent article we read had us thinking about this concept.

Social media is an extremely powerful tool for businesses, so why can’t it be as influential in the legal profession. The legal profession is seen as one of the most “lagging behind” industries to actually catch on to the power of social. But, imagine the difference that could be made if we figured out how to use social media to our advantage? (And no, we’re not just talking about LinkedIn…)

Although social media is one of the reasons as to why many designers’ work is being copied (i.e. sharing your work on Instagram and finding out Zara got a hold of your designs and already manufactured millions of products), it’s also the best way to expose this behaviour.

Most individuals who find themselves in the position of fighting for the IP rights against a huge retailer, quite frankly, don’t have the financial means to take the retailer to court. James, an independent designer whose designs were recently copied by Toyshop states, “it’s not even about the money necessarily […] The revolution is not going to happen in the court system, it’s going to happen on the consumer level.”

So, although we don’t think social media can replace lawyers (or, at least we hope), it is clear that the power of social can benefit individuals on more of a pro-bono level. Let us know what you think!

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