UC’s Young Entrepreneur of the Week: Bryan Heyens

Being a young professional and trying to have a business is not easy. So, when someone so eloquently fuses their passion with their career, we have to make sure to give them the attention they deserve. This is why the chic spotlight is on Bryan Heyens of SAUL Apparel this week.

SAUL is that daily reminder of uniqueness exceeding no limits. According to the brand, clothing is meant to express one’s everything without needing to say anything.

By providing hand made, re-constructed streetwear, which is different from other brands, the SAUL team takes great pride in modifying street trends into unique and creative apparel. Their mission is to “inspire youth, peers, and older generations to proudly express uniqueness, as well as style. Be proud of where you came from and raise your head high.”

As the designer and creative director, Bryan believes that if you feel good in what you’re wearing you’ll perform well at whatever it is you do. Therefore, not only are SAUL’s pieces trendy and easy to wear (we sure love wearing them!), but they invoke a positive state of mind.

Of course, Bryan also gets help from his incredible team, Nelli Bystrytska, Brandon Kummer, Nick Coyham, and his lovely mom (who helps with the sewing!) all of whom make SAUL the amazing brand that it is.

Check them out and be sure to let them know that Unprecedentedly Chic sent you.

(Shout out to Sofonias for capturing the image)

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