Don’t Burst My Bubble

In a federal lawsuit, Wrigley brands alleges that Chi-Town Vapers has infringed on the candy maker’s world famous trademarks for its Juicy Fruit and Doublemint brands.

Chi-Town is in the vape industry and is selling e-cig liquids called “Dbl Mint” and “Joosy Fruit” both online and in stores. Not only to the flavors sound like Wrigley’s iconic brands, but the logos copy the look and feel too.



Back in 2014 Wrigley first contacted the company for trademark infringement because Chi-Town Vapers was selling products named Juicy Fruit, Doublemint, and Skittles. Chi-Town Vapers did not respond to the call out, but did remove the flavors from their website. However, in late 2015 Chi-Town Vapers unveiled its new and improved (and still infringing) flavors called “Dbl Mint” and “Joosey Fruit”, which obviously brings us to our lawsuit today.

Wrigley is claiming that the unauthorized use of its trademarks is likely to cause confusion, mistake or deception as to source affiliation. AKA- people might think the candy giant is actually manufacturing these flavors.

In case you’ve been living somewhere that does not allow vaping (which is blessing), flavored vape liquid contains nicotine and is inhaled as an alternative to smoking old-fashioned cigarettes. Even though vapes are supposed to be better than cigarettes, they still contain the same addictive substance and even worse are totally not chic.


Wrigley has owned the federal trademark for both brands since 1926. Additionally, Wrigley has an anti-smoking policy. Thus, it has the legal and ethical grounds to stop the unauthorized use of its marks.

At the end of the day, Wrigley wants to make sure the public does not confuse blowing bubbles with blowing smoke.

Information Gathered From: Consumerist, Chicagotribune, And Wrigley.

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