Chic Spotlight: Hung Weiyu

A couple of weeks ago, we told you about some designers who are making the world, and environment, a better place one garment at a time. Not only do they make stunning pieces, but they are committed to sustainability and ethics.

We were so impressed with their work that we reached out to them for an opportunity to learn more about their brand. Over the next couple of weeks, we will introduce these incredible designers to you, and we are happy to call them friends of the blog.

This week, we’d like you to learn a little more about the incredibly talented Hung Weiyu.


Can you please tell us a little about your brand and your designs?


I am usually inspired by tradition, history, handcrafts and fine art; they become the spirit of my personal label and designs. I try to transfer the tradition into the modern norm for it to be accepted by the public – it is interesting and important to let people learn about their past and background. Like the previous collection, I chose the Hmub (a nationality in China) as my inspiration; I try to combine street graffiti and different handcrafts in it. After presenting the collection, we got a lot of positive feedback. In fact, we were  invited to show the collection in the National Palace Museum. There is nothing more exciting than this collection being shown in the first fashion show held in the Palace Museum! 

What is your inspiration for making EcoChic pieces?

As the public knows, there are lots of different cultural memories in Taiwan. Personally, I have focused on the culture shock in my designs. This time, I chose the opera ”Madamn Butterfly” and the culture shock during WWII when the tradition was met with different cultural norms in Japan. So, I combine the obi(the belt of kimono), kimono, and the wedding dress samples in this collection. When you see this collection, you may sense something traditional, yet something new. 

Do you have a muse/idol/role model?
Nationality always is my muse. There is a saying that goes “the origin is avant-garde”. 


What do you hope for the future of fashion?
I would like to keep exploring transferring tradition into modern times to gain public acceptance. I would also like to try and make fashion more positive with the spirit of social care, like sustainable fashion.

What is your favourite place to design in?

Mostly in my studio or home, because design is just like the journey of exploring yourself. So, sometimes, it’s private and will portray the designer honestly in the pieces. During the design process, the quiet, the familiar and my personal place become the best place for me to work.

Thank you, Hung, for not only sharing your wisdom, but also for your incredible contributions to fashion. We cannot wait to see what you have in store!


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