The Bachelorette: Episode 8 Recap

Hometowns are one of the best episodes during each and every season of the Bachelorette. At this point in the season, the men are preparing to get down on one knee. So the family’s approval is essential.

Yesterday’s episode was filled with both highs and lows. Two went quite well, while the other two left Rachel in serious doubt.

The first hometown date was with Eric’s family in Baltimore. From the moment Rachel walked through the door, Eric’s family was extremely warm and welcoming. It was clear that Rachel felt as comfortable and accepted, which only strengthened the relationship she shares with Eric. A reoccurring topic mentioned by the family was struggle and how they had to endure certain obstacles throughout the years, which truly challenged their relationship. Although details were not addressed, Eric’s family appears to have grown stronger than before, which is truly inspirational. It is clear that Eric has so much familial support, which is evident to Rachel, as well. The one doubt that Rachel has concerning Eric is the fact that instead of admitting that he is “falling in love with Rachel,” he said he “really cares for Rachel.” Although this may not be what Rachel would have liked to hear, Eric has certainly made progress, since Rachel is the only girl he’s ever brought home. Taking Eric’s difficult childhood into consideration, Rachel is proud of the progress Eric has made but is still hopeful of love with Eric.

Bryan’s hometown in Miami was second on yesterday’s episode. This date went exceptionally well. The one question Rachel had before meeting Bryan’s family was regarding his last relationship, which ended due to his mother. After spending time with the family, Rachel realizes just how strong Bryan’s family unit is. She understands the extremely strong relationship that Bryan shares with his mother, in particular. Rachel learns that Bryan’s past relationship had ended due to the fact that his ex-girlfriend was unaccepting of the strong bond between Bryan and his mother. As the date wraps up, Bryan seals the date with a kiss and admits that he is “in love” with Rachel.

The third hometown date was Peter’s in Wisconsin. Although Rachel got along with Peter’s family, doubt arose when she asked his mother if Peter was ready for marriage. Peter’s mother was honest in admitting that he is not quite sure if Peter is ready to get down on one knee but knows that he is ready to take the relationship further, or continue the relationship to see where it goes. Obviously, with marriage on the brain, this is not what Rachel would have liked to hear. She then speaks to Peter, himself, who also admits that although he is “very happy,” he is not sure whether or not a proposal will result, if he is the one chosen at the end. By the end of this date, Rachel is left extremely doubtful, while Peter is left fearful as to whether or not he is going home later the week.

The final hometown date was Dean’s in . Although the day began on a good note, it was not long before tension filled the air. The day began with Dean’s father greeting Rachel and Dean with his Sikh traditions, which was greatly appreciated by Rachel. However, things become tense when Dean and this father speak one-on-one. During this important conversation, the two attempt to fix unresolved issues, such as the challenges that the family experienced after Dean’s mother’s death. As Rachel speaks to Dean’s sister, she learns how strong of a person Dean is. As this is happening, however, matter are escalating between Dean and his father and essentially, one could say that the conversation certainly did not end well. Obviously, after such an eventful day, Rachel is left with many questions regarding Dean’s family.

As the rose ceremony rolls around, at the end of the episode, Dean goes home. He is left confused since he had admitted his feelings to Rachel and feels as though those feelings were not reciprocated, even though he had thought they were.

What do you think, Bachelorette fans? Was it Dean’s family that essentially sent him packing?


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