Who Owns the Red Sole?

After conflict with Yves Saint Laurent in 2012, Christian Louboutin is currently in disagreement with Van Haren, a Paris-based footwear brand, in regards to its red sole trademark. We mean, how many times is Louboutin going to go through the same song and dance before people stop copying it’s trademarked red sole!?

The current conflict between Louboutin and Van Haren arose when Louboutin filed suit against the other company in regards to it selling its own red-soled shoes. In April 2013, it was concluded that Van Haren was to discontinue its production of red-soled shoes and was to pay Louboutin’s legal fees.

In March 2014, after Van Haren appealed the decision, the case was referred to the Court of Justice of the European Union, where the validity of Louboutin’s trademark was to be discussed.

Although there is still much to be discussed in court, there is discussion surrounding the validity of Louboutin’s trademark in this case. Surprisingly, this is much different than what the Swiss courts thought, just recently in February that the trademark was not worthy of protection.

What do you think? Does Louboutin own exclusive rights to produce its well-known red sole? Clearly, the world can’t make up their minds.

Information gathered from: The Fashion Law

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