Chic Spotlight: Tofara

We are constantly on the hunt for innovative designs, made by designers who are making a significant contribution to fashion. Our latest find is Toronto-based luxury retailer, Tofara, and we are absolutely in love with their pieces.

Founder and CEO of Tofara, Eriver Muwanguzi, has “had a life-long love affair with fashion and design“, and, as a result, he has successfully channeled this to create beautiful pieces that “showcase the best of Africa to the world”. These include jewelry, handbags, and clothing.

Muwanguzi describes Tofara as the African Net-a- Porter. In essence, their e-commerce site provides thoughtfully curated, contemporary African luxury fashion, with a focus on high quality statement pieces. So, you could only imagine how excited we were when we received our breathtaking necklaces in the mail.

As fashion lovers, we feel incomplete walking out of the house without accessorizing. Rather than spending a long time picking and coordinating the right necklace with the perfect earring, Tofara has provided us with our go-to statement piece. We are amazed at how a piece can be so simple, yet so fabulously lavish, but Tofara has, somehow, mastered this.

Tofara is a Shona phrase meaning “we are happy”, which is perfect because that is how we feel every time we wear our pieces. In fact, you can see just how much we loved wearing our necklaces during one of our most recent photoshoots.

Want to truly understand how we feel? Well, you’re in luck, because from now until July 29th, you can get 10% off under the discount code CHIC when you purchase the Beaded Collar Necklace, the Rope Choker, or the Silver or Gold Ndebele Choker. Start shopping and look forward to a stunning, luxurious piece at a guilt-free price.

Thank you, Tofara, for making our accessory dreams come true.

Find out more about the brand here:

Tofara launch YouTube video: LINK


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