Unconventional and Eco-Friendly Packaging

Our take on sustainability thus far has touched on the materials from which garments are made and the ultimate impact of the fashion industry’s practices on the environment. We have yet to focus on the manner in which clothing is packaged and delivered to customers. Regardless of the manner in which clothing is produced, using harmful and wasteful materials in the packaging process can still pose some detriment to the environment. The brand Vestige Story utilizes principles of sustainability at several levels of their company.

Vestige Story is a clothing brand based in Vancouver, British Columbia that has a slow fashion philosophy, focused on the core value of mindfulness. The brand aims to be mindful of the environment and actively observe how their actions can have a positive impact. They are mindful of resources by only taking what they need to produce garments. They remain mindful of relationships by building their garments from the experiences and stories of real people who inspire them. They are mindful of their craft by paying attention to subtle details and they are open-minded to the “self” by listening to their audiences and constantly improving their products.

Mindfulness is usually a practice we hear that is associated with individuals. Having a company explain their philosophy in terms of practicing mindfulness is an unprecedented form of expression that we love! Not to mention, they package their signature shirt in a glass bottle! The “Message in a Bottle Tee” has a message tucked away inside for each recipient. The reusable glass bottle replaces traditional boxes that would be used to deliver clothing. It can be reused by consumers as they see fit. Some have suggested using the bottle as a water bottle, wine carafe, or as a chic vase.

Photo 2

From the stage of production to the moment of delivery, Vestige Story creates durable classics each season that adhere to principles of sustainability. We cannot wait to see what they deliver in this upcoming season!

Information and Pictures Gathered From: VestigeStory and Trendhunter.

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