Fashion Plus Passion: Berlin’s Largest Ever Ethical Fashion Show

In case you weren’t following all things European fashion, Berlin’s Spring/Summer Fashion Week came to an end just last weekend! With a new fashion show comes new designers, new trends, and most importantly, new opportunities to present sustainable fashion.

And this year, Berlin Fashion Week did just that. Upon featuring the largest ever ethical fashion show, the world of eco-fashion was forever revolutionized. Never heard of an ethical fashion show? The premise of such an event is to showcase brands that combine a sustainable lifestyle with international trends to bring environmentally friendly fashion to light. All of the clothing presented is exclusively sourced through fair trade or through alternative sustainable methods.

Appropriately dubbed “The Ethical Fashion Show Berlin”, the event featured a diverse range of streetwear and casual wear, with a total of 138 participating labels; the biggest product portfolio in the show’s history! By bringing together some of the top players in the eco-fashion industry, as well as hundreds of passionate ethical buyers, the Ethical Fashion Show encouraged countless individuals to progress towards responsible habits when it comes to manufacturing and purchasing. This year, the event was held at the Funkhaus Berlin (an iconic venue), allowing for a larger space than previous editions. With bigger space comes bigger responsibility, and the Ethical Fashion Show certainly delivered, given the event spanned three days and included both a trade show as well as a runway show. By the end of the three days, hundreds of labels successfully gained exposure amongst passionate fashion purchasers.

Here are some incredible eco-friendly brands that graced the event:

  • Airpaq, a company that specializes in backpacks upcycled from air bags, seat belts, and buckles. Talk about resourceful!
  • Alma & Lovis, a trendy brand specializing in business attire made entirely from fair trade and organic materials.
  • Deivee, an Indian-based company that produces active-lifestyle clothing, perfect for all the yoga-lovers of the world!
  • Goodsociety, which features apparel that’s entirely vegan, PETA certified, and made in Italy.
  • Jonny’s, an eco-line from John W. Shoes that combines fashionable shoes with ecological production. It’s the best of both worlds, truly.

From backpacks to business wear, the Ethical Fashion Show made a point to showcase a multitude of fashion brands that can appeal to whomever. The exhibits were divided amongst five categories: Modercasual, Urbanvibe, Craft, Individual Standout, and Kids. Highlights include the “Greenshowroom”, a platform that addressed issues relating to retailing, and the “Ethical fashion on Stage”, a runway showcasing certain exhibits’ clothing.

And in case you just so happened to be in Berlin next year, be on the lookout for the next Ethical Fashion Show, to be held January 16-18 of 2018.

PS. missed out on Berlin Fashion Week? Not a problem, stay tuned for an epic fashion show brought to you by yours truly!

Information Gathered From: Ethical Fashion Show Berlin

2 thoughts on “Fashion Plus Passion: Berlin’s Largest Ever Ethical Fashion Show

  1. Amoy Lily says:

    Fashion is the most powerful art there is. It’s movement, design, and architecture all in one. This fashion show brings us a deep thinking about environment-friendly. I hope we can have more and more joyful and meaningful event. It’s really helpful for some people.


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