The Bachelorette: Episode 7 Recap

Hey Bachelorette lovers! It’s been way too long since we’ve covered our favourite show ( week… but still one week too long!) so this post is dedicated to all of you. Hometown dates are next week, which places a lot of pressure on the men this week. As you can imagine, this episode is filled with much tension as the men become nervous about securing their spots in meeting Rachel’s family. Amid all of the anxiety, however, there are also some valuable moments shared between Rachel and some of the men. If you haven’t had time to watch yesterday’s episode, fret not! This post covers its main events. However, beware: Major spoilers lay ahead…

Towards the beginning of the episode, Bryan spends another one-on-one date with Rachel. Sharing such an intense connection with Rachel, and after having already had a one-on-one with Rachel, the men’s envy of Bryan is apparent. He’s got the looks, the charm, and he clearly is in the lead for Rachel’s heart. The pair’s date in Geneva is practically flawless, as expected, and the two get matching Breitling watches to solidify their love. How cute!

As the episode progresses, another date card arrives at the men’s hotel suite. This time around, a one-on-one is granted to Peter who cruises above the breathtaking Swiss Alps with Rachel…No big deal. The astonishing scenery evidently makes for a very romantic date. However, the picture-perfect day takes a slight turn on Intense Boulevard when Peter begins discussing his ex and his role in their break-up – leading to tears on Peter’s end. Although it’s clear that he has a soft side, it’s also reasonable to question Peter’s reaction and wonder whether or not he has truly moved on.

Dean receives the final one-on-one with Rachel on this week’s episode. The pair spends the day strolling through the streets of Switzerland, attending Sunday mass, and doing other casual “couple” things. However, it isn’t until the very end of the date that their relationship truly progresses. Rachel voices her concern about Dean’s inability to open up. In response, Dean is honest about the tribulations his family had faced after his mom’s death. He begins discussing his father’s emotional neglect and expresses his concern with Rachel meeting his family. Rachel, however, knows exactly what to say to reassure him. No matter what the situation is, she tells Dean that she is eager and excited to meet the people who have shaped Dean into the amazing person he is. Rach saves the day, yet again!

The episode concludes with a three-on-one date involving Eric, Matt, and Adam in which Eric receives the rose. Eric and Rachel have a super strong connection so the reasoning behind this is crystal clear. Their playful and joyful relationship makes it unique from Rachel’s other relationships. We really like the laid-back vibe of these two together!

That’s all for this week, Bachelor Nation! Don’t forget to tune in next Monday for one of our favourite episodes of the season – hometown dates! Which one of the four men are you rooting for?


Bryan and Rachel


Peter and Rachel


Dean and Rachel


Eric and Rachel

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