Check out this “Osom” Brand

Sustainability has been a frequent trend within the fashion industry over the past few decades. Designers began to realize that clothing, along with other items were able to be manufactured in a more environmentally friendly manner than previously believed. In today’s world, with sustainability at the forefront of fashion, many companies are eager to promote their ecological characteristics.

One such brand is “Osom” – a company selling socks made from recycled fabrics. This brand collects waste fabrics, such as donated clothing, to alleviate the waste problem occurring within the United States. The founder of the company, Patricia Ermecheo, ensures that water and dyes are not used during the process. The socks that Ermecheo produces, in particular, are manufactured in solar-powered, fair trade in Guatemala. Although much time, money, and effort is included in the production of these socks, the rewards are worth it all. Day-to-day tasks are fulfilled in Bend, Oregon where Ermecheo’s commitment to sustainability is displayed from her solar-powered office. The greatest reward from the new offices in Oregon is the reduction in carbon footprint. Such a reduction leads to a reduction in costs, as well, in comparison to regular offices.

Ermecheo has additional plans for the future, such as expanding the company to Los Angeles, where the ecological benefits of the company can prosper further.

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