UC’s Young Entrepreneur of the Week: Victoria Cellucci

You know what time it is! This week, we have a very special Young Entrepreneur of the Week. And guess what, she’s showcasing her own segment at our fashion show at the end of summer! But shhhhh, you didn’t hear that from us 😉

My name is Victoria Cellucci, age 21, and I am the fashion designer and owner of House of Cellucci. I am Canadian designer from Maple, Ontario.

When I was about 12 years of age, I began my interest in fashion. For Christmas that year, my mom bought me a fashion illustration notebook where you could stencil in different outfits on a pre-drawn doll. It was not until years later that I actually considered fashion as an option for a career, instead opting to become a mathematician or teacher.

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 6.25.51 PM.png

When I reached Grade 10, I started looking into possible careers in fashion and discovered I had to learn a program called CAD for pattern drafting. I enrolled into a computer course at my high school to learn it, but was accidently placed in a Food and Nutrition’s class. Ironically, this was the turning point of my entire career. The teacher for this course asked me why I had submitted so many complaints to the guidance counselor to be transferred out of her course. I explained my desire to be a fashion designer and she directed me to a very close friend of hers that was the owner of a school dedicated to teaching all aspects of fashion. It was called Haute Couture: Academy of Fashion, Fine Arts and Design. I studied there for 4 more years completing between 9-12 hours a week of fashion illustration, sewing, and pattern drafting training. After my graduation from HC, I taught sewing and art for a brief period at the academy.

My next learning curve in fashion was after my acceptance to Ryerson University in 2014. During my time here I discovered many opportunities: I worked on commercial sets for Ford, Cracker Jack and Home Depot as a stylists assistant and I have been a technical design intern for Joe Fresh. I am now going into my fourth year of study where I will be making a full collection for Mass Exodus 2018.

House of Cellucci, which started out as Cellucci Designs, was officially started this year after I worked for That Vintage Place. At this store, they crop and rework many old garments into new clothes for their clients. This builds up quite a lot of scrap material that was simply being thrown away, for lack of purpose. I have always hated the anti-environmentally friendly practices of many industries existing today and Ryerson has opened my eyes to the pollution of fabric fibers in our oceans. So, I made a stand to make a difference. Instead of throwing out the excess fabric after I cropped a shirt, I started to bring them home. There I challenged my creative mind to come up with designs for the cut off bottom of a t-shirt, and I had many ideas! This made House of Cellucci’s most recent designs eco-friendly and sustainable. Every item is one-of-a-kind due to lack of fabric, but that just makes each piece even more unique and special. I have always been a huge believer that people can make a difference doing what they love in life. That’s what I always hoped to achieve with my devotion to the field of fashion, and hopefully I have and can continue to accomplish this mission.

Talk about a go-getter! Victoria is the perfect illustration of chic. Make sure to check out her designs here, you DON’T want to miss her one-of-a-kind pieces.

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