Amazon Solves Every Indecisive Shoppers Problems

When you think of Amazon, you may not immediately think of fashion. And to be honest, we’ve never shopped for clothes and accessories on Amazon either. But, the company knew this was one of their downfalls, and has come up with a great strategy to try and solve it.

Amazon’s fashion division is testing a service that lets Prime members take try on clothes at home for seven days. Within this time frame, they have the ability to choose whether or not they actually want to buy the items.

The best part? Prime Wardrobe even has its own unique perks. Not only can shoppers order 3 to 15 pieces delivered to their door, but if they keep three or four items they get a discount of 10%! And the discount increases with the increasing number of items you choose to keep!

What do you think about this feature? Love it or hate it? Let us know!

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