Chic Star: Paul Loduca

You know how every girl dreams of meeting a boy-band member and likes to think that they can play it cool once this dream comes true? Well, one of the many perks of being a part of the Unprecedentedly Chic team is that… we got to meet the one and only Paul Loduca of Neverest this past Friday! If you didn’t have the songs “Everything” or “ About Us” on replay, then please proceed to Youtube after reading this article and thank us later.

We like to think that we did not fan-girl too much and were fashionably nonchalant. The jury is still out on that, however.

When we got to talking, we were extremely impressed with how down-to-earth Paul was, despite his success in the music industry and, most recently, as a hilarious comedian.

Paul was always the “artsy kid” who loved to entertain people. He grew up acting, drawing and performing. In fact, he taught himself how to play the guitar at age 15! Impressive, we know! He was not intimidated by his big dream of “making it” in Hollywood because he embraced a reality that most other artists won’t, which was; In order to make your dream a reality, to make a great living out of doing something you love, one must learn to embrace the business side of things as well as fueling their art and passion, rather than being threatened by it.

He understood, that to build a “Brand” is to build a Business. Musicians deserve to pay their bills and EAT, like every other professional human in the real world! It’s that simple!

According to Paul, when it comes to pursuing dreams and goals, it’s about finding a balance between optimism and realism. Every day, he would think to himself, “What is one more Baby Step I can take towards my so called  ‘Impossible’ dream, today?” and little by little it lead him exactly to where he wanted to be!

So, the next time you get discouraged, remember Paul’s words and take that next baby step to achieve the impossible. That was a lot of wisdom in one paragraph – we know, and we’ll be sure to thank Paul on your behalf.

When we asked Paul how it felt to hear Neverest’s songs on the radio for the first time, he explained how he’d envisioned moments like that all his life and when it finally happened, he “felt dizzy and as if he was dreaming” for how euphorically surreal it was. Neverest achieved many milestones from Gold singles and Number 1 videos, to touring internationally with The Backstreet Boys and New Kids On The Block. Reaching such huge success in such a short period of time is scary and overwhelming but our friend Paul (yes, we can say that now) handled it with his signature class, style, and humility.


Want proof of how humble Paul really is?

When we asked about how he approaches life after his success, he said that he is “still hungry and incredibly grateful”. The entertainment industry is one that is very volatile and one can lose fame and success with a single shift. So, Paul “stays humble” because he knows the fame is not real, but the priceless experiences and connections with people, are genuine and preciously rewarding.

Want more proof? When we asked if he could describe his current life in one phrase he simply said “Grateful”.

Currently, Paul is pursuing another life-long dream of his. This time in Comedy and Acting and is succeeding greatly with his hilarious sketch comedy and comedic rants on his Youtube Channel and Instagram!

You can find him playing almost every Character in his skits, which humourously infuses awkward moments and hilarious facial expressions, in “every-day” relatable situations, with great comedic timing.

Paul concluded with these words;

“I strongly believe that having a sense of humour, especially about yourself, is a strength beyond all measure.  Whether it’s through my Music or Comedy, being able to connect with people through doing something I love, is the most rewarding feeling. I’m inspired by that feeling every day.”

It’s one thing to meet a well-established band member, but to discover that Paul is genuinely one of the best people we have been fortunate enough to cross paths with, well, that’s a serious bonus. The signed CDs and band tees were an added, chic bonus.

Thanks for making our inner fan-girl dreams come true, Paul. We hope we didn’t annoy you too much with our squeals of excitement.

Stay chic.

You can Follow Paul and Subscribe to him here!

Follow Neverest Here!

iTunes: Neverest

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