UC’s Young Entrepreneur of the Week: LeDaveed

This week, we have a very special feature for our young entrepreneur of the week. When we first came across LeDaveed, we immediately thought, “Woah, those are some amazing handbags.” But, once we spoke to Andrew, the Founder of the company, we realized that LeDaveed was so much more than “just a company.”

From having B corporation status (a status awarded to exceptionally progressive start-ups), to donating revenues to social and environmental causes, to even providing adults with physical and cognitive disabilities the opportunity to work in their warehouse, LeDaveed is truly what every brand should strive to be.

What’s the best part? (As if this brand could get any better, right?!) The people behind the company share the same exceptionality.


Andrew Dale founded the company on a vision to create a better future for the fashion industry. Between being the youngest senior financial executive in Canada, graduating in the top 1% of his class from the Schulich School of Business, and founding $402 million Acasta Enterprises – the largest special purpose acquisition vehicle in Canadian history, it is no surprise that LeDaveed has been such a success. Andrew has even been a two-time nominee of the Out on Bay Street Emerging LGBT Leaders Award. Talk about exceptionality.


But, like any great company, Andrew didn’t do this alone. Shira Abramsky, Head of  Products and Operations at LeDaveed, is truly the fashion guru behind the brand. Previously working for 8 years at Marc Jacobs (NY), ALDO (Montreal), and Danier Leather (Toronto) in various product development and buying roles, Shira is a highly regarded Product Developer and extremely well-respected at these leading brands. Graduating Magna Cum Laude from NY Fashion Institute of Technology, Shira knows the ins and outs of the fashion industry, providing LeDaveed specialized knowledge that is  rare for most start-ups.

Between Andrew’s business background, Shira’s experience with fashion, and both of their ambition, LeDaveed is proving itself to be  the most trendy, sustainable, and ethical brand not only in Toronto, but internationally.

Talk about carrying with purpose.


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