IP Protection: A Smoke screen?

As law students, we have come to appreciate how one can benefit from knowing the law and understanding how to use it. Throughout our legal studies, we have come across several noteworthy groups that offer their services to those who truly need it. For example, the IP Osgoode Innovation Clinic at Osgoode Hall is a clinic that allows entrepreneurs with amazing ideas to come and seek legal assistance and protection without the high cost that is usually associated with doing so.

In the past, we have written about how IP law has, and is, protecting brands that are well known as well as those who are still on the rise. We have also written about how, in our humble opinion, the law can do more to protect such labels. However, as we meet more and more entrepreneurs with some fascinating ideas, we gain first-hand knowledge of how inaccessible the law really is. While it’s great to have a robust legal structure to protect those who need it, what is the point if several of those who would benefit from the law cannot even begin to seek protection due to the high costs associated with legal advice and navigation through the court system?

That is why we are so proud to devote our time and efforts to institutions such as the IP Osgoode Innovation Clinic and we really encourage you to spread the word about such institutions. In addition, we are currently in the middle of planning an undeniably chic event that will do more to help this cause, but more on that later (because there has to be some suspense, of course).

In the meantime, we would really appreciate it if you could share this post, or comment below, to introduce us to anyone you know with an amazing idea who could benefit from legally protecting their innovation. We will do everything we can to improve their access to the law.

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