The “IT” Bag of the Summer

Have we mentioned we love accessories? We have? Oh, well then you know how much we appreciate a good statement bag that is perfect for the summer season.

When we first found Cult Gaia, it was love at first sight. Being law student bloggers however, we knew that we had to be conscious buyers and do more research about the brand. Luckily, what we found out impressed us even more and we lived happily ever after with our bag. Okay, the story doesn’t really end there.

Jasmin Larian created Cult Gaia in 2012 with the actual aim of making “Objets d’ Art that make you look twice”. So, it came as no surprise when we’re asked about the bag every time we use it.

Want to fall in love with the brand as much as we have? Here is their manifesto:

To curate a wardrobe full of magic, one that glows with each accessory.

To create a lifestyle, that’s a visual feast, effortlessly.

To design for the moving eye, because everything is art.

We believe good design goes hand-in-hand with sustainability.

We believe getting lost in the details is a wonderful place to be found.

 it’s essential to curate a soulful wardrobe, full of timeless pieces.  

 good design is not over designed.

beautiful pieces are meant to be passed down.

 perfection is imperfect, as nature dictates.

We believe luxury lies in scarcity, not price.

You know we love to share and support brands that we truly believe in and Cult Gaia is one of them. So, please indulge and purchase the “IT” bag of the summer. Don’t forget to check out our future posts to see how we style our Gaia’s Ark bag!


Happy shopping!

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