Instagram to the Rescue: #Ad No More!

Canadian law is becoming more stringent on influencer marketing and social media platforms are responding. Just recently, Instagram announced that it will be adding a feature to its app in order to enable users to disclose sponsored posts.

Similar to the location tag, Instagram plans to introduce a “Paid Partnership with XXX” tag to be place right on top of the post picture. And we, for one, think this is a great idea. Between endorsers and celebrities complaining about the necessity to #Ad (although, we thought this was easy enough to do, but apparently not), and consumers complaining that endorsers are not direct enough in disclosing their endorsements, Instagram’s new feature is the perfect resolution.

We just question the way the law will respond. Will the necessity to disclose that the post is an advertisement be eliminated? Or will celebrity endorsers now be expected to utilize this new Instagram feature along with the #ad tag? Since this is an Instagram-specific feature, only using the new tagging feature may not translate across different platforms when shared, causing consumer protection issues if no other method of endorsement disclaimer is used.

We’re interested to see how this impacts the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards. What do you think will happen? Do you like this new potential Instagram feature? Let us know!

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