Be Vocal and Shop Local

It is no secret that we support rising entrepreneurs and Zimbabwean designer Katiyo of Hande Bhebhi (HB Label) is a prime example. However, as Katiyo points out, a flood of cheap, second-hand clothing has captured the fashion industry in Zimbabwe, which has really impacted local designers.

In fact, a representative from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of  Humanitarian Affairs has said that this may be detrimental for local designers.

So, it is up to designers to voice their opinions and encourage others to shop local and Katiyo has done just that.

“People should know that the second-hand clothes they so love might be cheap but not durable. It is a challenge in our area of specialty as we lose customers. I urge people to support and appreciate local designers’ work,” she said.

So, please get out there and show everyone how chic it is to support your local designers who are passionate about their craft and want to share it with you.

Information and quote accredited to The Herald.

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