4 Ways to Make Your Brand

The fashion industry is not an easy one to thrive in, and it takes true marketing skills in order to succeed. During our short time as bloggers in this field, we have learned some very helpful methods of how to brand ourselves and promote our image. As always, we are happy to share our lessons with you. Here’s what we know so far:

  1. Make friends and collaborate – We are so grateful to have been given the opportunity to collaborate with some incredible Toronto designers, including Gab Mc Niel, Crown & Pride, That Vintage Place, and SAUL Apparel. In fact, we have some new and exciting collaborations coming up soon, as well! What we have learned is that having friends in this industry is not only fun, but helping each other out is essential. So, use those social skills and mingle!
  2. Endorsements – Related to the point above, we have learned that brands can really help each other climb the ranks if they endorse one another. By using social media to our advantage and being true to what we believe in, we have managed to really connect with some great designers, which has led to a great support system by endorsing one another whenever we can!
  3. Network – Toronto is a hotspot for meeting new businesses and entrepreneurs and we are happy that we have gotten a chance to get out there and network! By reaching out to various age groups with different interests, we have managed to attract an audience, and, of course, recruit our valued contributors!
  4. Having a Voice – When it comes to branding, we truly believe that we have to stick to what we believe in. So, we are grateful to say that throughout the past six months, we have followed our vision and supported those who we really believe are making a difference. We have chosen to talk about the important issues, while being chic, of course, and we are so happy that we have gotten such positive responses!

So, we want to thank YOU, for being the best audience and for keeping us going! If you are considering starting your own project, please keep the above tips in mind, as we have found them extremely helpful.

Stay chic.

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