June 24 @ Budweiser Stage: Arkells & July Talk

So, if you follow us on Instagram, you already know we had a phenomenal time at the Arkells & July Talk show last night. You can find out a little more about these bands here (although we question if you are truly a Torontonian if you haven’t heard of them?!?!?!?)

The show last night started with Said the Whale and Mondo Cozmo. And we have to admit, we didn’t know either of these gems before the show but sure are following them now! Their music fit right in with the vibes of the show, and we LOVED how Arkells brought out all the bands that opened and played for a final performance at the end of the night (more on that later).

And then came July Talk. Two important findings from their performance: (a) Peter’s talking voice does NOT actually sound like his singing voice and (b) Leah’s fashion is ON POINT. Wearing a white jumpsuit and oversized red blazer, she rocked the stage like a true Canadian.

But, the band truly blew us away with more than just their music. Leah accessorized with a rainbow belt and matching colourful eyeshadow in honour of Pride Week here in Toronto. Around the Bud Stage, the band posted this:

Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 2.01.05 PM.png

July Talk, we love you and all your crazy eyes!

Last up, but definitely not least, were the Arkells. Now, we have to admit, we felt as if we just walked into a Hamilton pub with a bunch of McMaster grads roaming around. Talk about city pride! And it was no surprise that the Arkells absolutely KILLED it up on stage (and for Max, in the crowd… because what musician doesn’t love a little crowd surfing?!)   Playing all of our favourites and then some … see what we did there 😉 … this show was definitely one for the books.

And did we mention how the band looked absolutely chic on stage? Max kept it simple with a pair of jeans but definitely made a statement with the colourful floral jacket! And, luckily for us in section 300, he came out mid-audience to give us a close-up of his look. From what we would see, he was rocking a black tee with a vibrant pink pocket to match the colours of the bomber. Well done Max, we approve.

Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 2.17.20 PM.png

But, what did we love most about the Arkells? The fact that they brought all the bands who played last night back on stage for a final performance – Springstein style. So much love up on one stage!

Bassist of the band, Nick, says, “As Canadians, we are very blessed to be part of a diverse musical community that is consistently producing inspiring, imaginative and entertaining records. We live in a country that is punching far above it’s weight musically […] Thank you, thank you, thank you to all  the amazing Canadian musicians that we get to call our friends and peers. Even though we’ve never stopped calling ourselves your fans.”

Ugh, how awesome are these Toronto bands? We’ll make sure to keep you updated the next time they play here at home (although July Talk told us yesterday they’ll be at Massey Hall December 21 & 22 … you know where we’ll be those nights!)

Let us know a few of your favourites from these awesome bands! Ours are Were U Goin by Arkells and Picturing Love by July Talk!

Photos derived from the bands’ Official Instagram Account.

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