Vivienne Westwood’s Secret to Success

In order to do well as a businessperson, it is essential that you learn from the experiences of those who have successfully conquered the industry. So when Vivienne Westwood offers some advice, we make sure to listen closely.

According to this style icon and world-famous designer, it is essential that we protect the environment as it will be crucial for not just the fashion industry, but the general public.

Westwood believes that people should buy fewer clothes in order to accomplish this goal, which, ultimately -she hopes- will cause the fashion industry to stop producing cheaper clothes.

If shoppers buy fewer clothes, and, instead, buy clothes that are made to last, this will not only protect the environment, but it will also go a long way in solving some of the labour law issues that we’ve already told you about, such as the Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh.

In fact, Westwood states “it’s [about] quality, not quantity, not landfill.”

This is her little secret to success because she believes that it will also help designers create more beautiful pieces. She says, “it would mean designers could then design the clothes that they love. They [wouldn’t] have businessmen telling them about prices, or anything.”

Westwood backed up her belief during her recent circus-themed collection, which featured “recycled plastic bottles as shoes and aluminium cans pinned to tights, as a campaign against fashion waste“.

Thank you, Vivienne, for showing us how it’s done.



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