Triumphs for Trump?

We’ve spoken to Ivanka Trump’s clothing company multiple times before, but this time, we’re ready to REALLY talk about it.

Ivanka may have it all, but her employees most definitely do not. Some employees have spoken to the fact that they get paid so little from the designer that they cannot live with their children. Even worse, women are being offered a “bonus” if they don’t take time off while menstruating (when this is in fact a right in many areas where Trump has her factories located).

When looking at the company however, the fortunes of Ivanka’s brand have fluctuated in the past year. During her father’s campaign, net sales for her brand increased by nearly $18 million. But, according to G-III, these increased revenues were not here to stay. In recent months, several department stores have actually pulled Ivanka’s brand. Things have gotten so bad that some Ivanka Trump march has been relabelled under a different name – Adrienne Vitadini.

Looks like there’s no triumphs for Trump. 

Information gathered from the Guardian.

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