Sustainable Meets Cruelty-Free

It’s about time for another brand feature to acknowledge the amazing efforts of companies that embrace sustainability in the fashion industry.  This brand is one that helps us think differently about what it means to be conscious consumers.

Matt and Nat, which originates from the terms Mat(t)erial and Nature, is a brand known for minimalist vegan leather goods. Not only are their goods made based on the principles of veganism, which include respecting life and nature, but their brand encapsulates an admirable balance between fashion design and the natural world.

According to Manny Kohli, the President and Owner, veganism was not a huge trend when the brand started. The founders, based on their roots in India, value the sacredness of animals, such as cows. These cultural values allowed for the idea behind the brand to come naturally.

The concept behind the brand is one of finding innovative materials that are recyclable and durable. In Manny’s words, he wants to show that “cruelty free fashion can be chic and stylish”. The brand also practices upcycling, by turning “garbage”, such as plastic bottles, into linings for their leather goods.

Matt and Nat closely monitors the production of their goods and makes their products from their own custom hardware to ensure that they know exactly what goes into each item. This also adds a layer of accountability, as they know the origin of the materials purchased.

This brand continues to impress us from season to season, finding unprecedented ways to incorporate various materials. From their cork collection to introducing recycled bicycle tires into their production, Matt and Nat continues to help consumers “live beautifully” to protect the planet and look fabulous doing it!

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