How Street Will Luxury Get?

As we near the Louis Vuitton x Supreme product launch this summer, we find ourselves thinking yet again about the cross between luxury and streetwear. We recently discussed Gucci interactions with GucciGhost/Dapper Dan/ Coco Capitán, highlighting what seems to be a trend in luxury brands deeply bowing to meet the market of streetwear enthusiasts with a taste (and wallet) for luxury… or luxury shoppers with a taste for streetwear? Whatever you want to call this LV Monogrammed trunk designed for a skateboard:


There are only so many ways we can talk about this without using the word ‘sellout’. Was it simply an opportunity spotted during the legal run-in with Supreme? Oh yes, many years before the collaboration, Louis Vuitton pursued legal action against the New York based skater brand. In 2000, a collection of skateboards and apparel from Supreme bearing a pattern similar to that of the notorious LV Monogram sparked a cease-and-desist order, or something to that effect, wherein Supreme withdrew all product with said pattern:


Now, nearly two decades after, Louis Vuitton x Supreme is a capsule collection. If Louis Vuitton is finding its collaboration inspiration from lawsuits, maybe My Other Bag should get in touch with some of their designs.

High end fashion ‘embracing’ less exclusive, commercial brands is also not a new strategy anymore. GucciGhost made some money off of the Gucci collab, and Supreme is likely making a pretty sweet cut. The quick hit of financial high that these novelty collections provide isn’t a long-term strategy, so who/what’s next?

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